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16. Montreal. My life revolves around hockey. This blog is dedicated to the Montreal Canadiens and hockey in general :)
"Hockey is like a disease; you can't really shake it."

“All my life I’ve been waiting to play in the playoffs”

—   Nathan MacKinnon (via fleury-of-saves)

zach just doesn’t get it.

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jonathan doesn’t want zachary’s gift (or zach’s pathetic attempt to make a habs fan out of jo)

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“Hockey fans couldn’t care less whether or not you accept their sport, whether you think it worthy of coverage, whether it won its time slot in the Nielsen ratings. You are a mere visitor to their lands. If you enjoy the game, that’s great, but if not, they don’t need you. This will always be their game.”

—   Will Leitch (via massholehackey)

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Ultimate Guide for Surviving Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Step 1: put on your jersey

Step 2: find a nice, comfortable, dark corner

Step 3: curl up in a ball in said corner

Step 4: do not move until the war is over

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favourite hockey players → carey price [1/?]

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It has only just begun.

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Hockey Player Logic: but first, let me take a selfie

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